Newsletter No. 8 – May 2019

From Allegra

We are very excited to announce a new project that we have been working on for a few years now. As many of you who live in the Hampshire area know, Winchester is building a “state of the art” Sport and Leisure Centre at Bar End. Allegra’s Ambition is a partner in the project and will be building an outdoor gym and trim trail adjacent to the centre which will offer a free fitness facility for everyone. Bar End is next to the athletics track where Allegra trained with WADAC. We feel it is a fitting project and one Allegra would have wholeheartedly supported. We are still in the planning stage and will keep you updated. If you are interested in finding out more or have any fundraising ideas please get in touch. You can also go online at youtube.com/winchestercc to take a virtual tour of how the centre will look.

In February Ebony Horse Club (http://www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk) hosted members of the Hampshire Hunt pony club, supported by Allegra’s Ambition, for a fun day at their yard.

The sun shone and there were rides, games and an outdoor picnic. It was great to see the ongoing relationship between the young people continuing to develop and offered a great insight into Ebony’s work. Thank you to Ebony for hosting the event. Allegra’s Ambition’s fourth annual Ebony Day will be held on 23 July with the support of Hampshire Hunt PC. It is a brilliant day enjoyed by everyone who attends. It wouldn’t be possible without a fantastic team of volunteers and above all by those who kindly bring along their ponies. Please put July 23 in your diaries and lend us your ponies!

We are continuing to fund Friday night football with Street Reach (https://www.winchesterstreetreach.org). It is a great initiative which not only offers a regular football kick about, open to anyone aged 11 – 17, but also a safe informal space for young people to get advice and support from the Street Reach team of experienced youth workers.
A number of you have sent us pictures of the Street Reach/Allegra’s Ambition minibus out and about. We love seeing our work in action so please do keep them coming.

Our Allegra’s Ambition break run by CHICKS – Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (http://chicks.org.uk) is taking place in Derbyshire from 29 July to 2 August. Thank you to all the young people who are volunteering for us this year.

We have been supporting an after school tutoring project for young people in Years 10 and 11 who attend Carneys Community Project in Battersea (http://carneyscommunity.org), a boxing club which works with young offenders and other disadvantaged young people. Allegra’s Ambition have sponsored a project to enable a number of students to received regular academic support through the year with the aim of raising their attainment at GCSE. We wish them luck and every success in their exams.

Youth Options (http://www.youthoptions.co.uk) is continuing to build on their Bushcraft project initially funded by Allegra’s Ambition. This year we are funding an outdoor learning programme for 30 children from Newlands Primary School, a school in the middle of a large disadvantaged area to the west of Southampton. Youth Options are close to achieving planning on their new Outdoor Learning Centre in Eastleigh where we plan to fund an onsite classroom to enable more young people to benefit from engagement with the natural world.

For Allegra

An incredible team of volunteers worked tirelessly at the Mary Howard Christmas Fair (https://maryhowardfairs.com) selling our merchandise and promoting the charity. Thank you so much to Amanda and Amelia who worked for a whole week there, as well as Isabel, Charlotte, Jo, Shoonagh, Sarah, Georgina, Catherine, Sarah and Camilla who all volunteered a long day – we are immensely grateful. Thank you to everyone who came to support us and to Mary Howard Fair for choosing us as one of their charities.

Friends and supporters were also busy over Christmas at a number of other fairs and coffee mornings helping sell our water bottles, bracelets, aprons, shopping bags, t-shirts and hair ties. We are so grateful to everyone who helped us. We have a few items still available on our website and are launching some new products in the autumn.

Do get in touch if you would like to hold a sale or make a purchase and keep following us on Instagram to find out more.

In January Jules Flory hosted a flower arranging class with florist Clare Rogers with all proceeds going to Allegra’s Ambition. It was a wonderful event – even the cupcakes were Allegra’s Ambition themed and raised a brilliant £700. Thank you so much.

Tudor Hall selected Allegra’s Ambition as their school charity last year & raised an amazing £2,865 for us over the year undertaking a number of challenges including a Pink Run and some of the girls climbing Mount Snowdon. A huge thank you to all the girls who challenged themselves and went above and beyond. 

Wellington College’s Hopetoun House also chose Allegra’s Ambition as their charity of the year. They hosted an entertainment evening in February with a fantastic auction. We are so grateful to those who generously donated the amazing prizes and everyone who attended the evening. An extra thank you to Mr Gutteridge, Hopetoun’s housemaster who also ran the Henley Half Marathon in May with sponsorship going to Allegra’s Ambition. Congratulations and many thanks.

St Swithun’s selected Allegra’s Ambition as one of their charities for 2018/19. In January our patron Julie Montagu went to talk to the girls about Allegra’s Ambition and how giving back can make you happier as well as how young people can get involved within the charity.

Alicia Dent and Daisy Crone hitchhiked from Edinburgh to Paris for Edinburgh University’s rag week: 48 hours and many rides later they made it to the Eiffel Tower. Thank you both so much for raising £1,400 for us and challenging yourselves. Maddie Lewin hitchhiked from Leeds to Amsterdam raising over £500. A big thank you to Sue Godwin, an assistant house mistress at St Swithun’s, who has for the last few years made a donation to our charity in lieu of sending Christmas cards. Thank you also to Alice for making and selling popcorn at her school to raise money for us: what a fantastic effort. Catherine Ewart-Smith and Georgina Fowle held another very successful tennis tournament to raise money for Allegra’s Ambition. We were delighted to receive several donations including one from Hanford School, from the Brandean and Hinton Ampner Women’s Institute and also the Lenten Lunch in Medstead organised by Cathryn Hewett. Thanks to Alex Gregory for representing the charity and talking about Allegra’s Ambition.

We are so touched and proud of everyone who has supported us volunteering, fund raising, cheer leading etc. A big thank you to everyone who donated. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Every penny raised goes directly to the projects we support. Thank you and keep challenging yourselves. 

Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all our activities.

Newsletter No. 7 – November 2018

Allegra’s Ambition has had a busy six months. Our relationships with our partner charities continue to grow and the feedback on the impact of our joint initiatives on the lives of the young people we are supporting is hugely exciting and rewarding. None of this would be possible without your incredible support. Thank you so much – we are so grateful.

From Allegra


Last month we were proud to support “We are the Traiblazers” – an inspirational new youth empowerment initiative which aims to help teenage girls develop confidence and resilience. The programme devised by Sophie Radcliffe (http://www.challengesophie.com) and delivered with the assistance of Youth Sports Trust (https://www.youthsporttrust.org) works to raise self-esteem and confidence to a targeted group of Yr 9/10 girls with low self-confidence – this year it has been piloted in six schools across London and Kent. The girls attended a number of workshops run by Sophie during the year and then a weekend at PGL Osmington Bay for a series of workshops with motivational athletes and challenging physical exercises. The camp was blessed with incredibly good weather and we were so impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved – it will have been a life-changing experience for many.

Our partnership with StreetReach (https://www.winchesterstreetreach.org/) continues to develop and the jointly liveried minibus we have sponsored is being put to great use all over Winchester. 

The bus has enabled StreetReach to be more visible with their outreach work, transport young people to events and provide a warm, quiet space where young people can come for a private chat. We have also agreed to continue to fund the Friday football drop-in sessions for another year.

Our annual Ebony day (http://www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk) was a great success with 28 young people coming from London by coach for a fun day riding in the Hampshire countryside.

Ebony describe the event “as possibly our biggest of the year and for some of our young people the first time outside London seeing the countryside”. None of this would be possible without the fantastic support of the Hampshire Hunt Pony Club – the landowners who kindly allow us to use their fields, the amazing instructors who volunteer their time, the brilliant barbecue (generously donated by Newlyns Farm) and most importantly everyone who lends their ponies. We could not do it without you and we know for Ebony members it has become a highlight of their year and something they all look forward to.

This year, we funded a primary school in the heart of Brixton to attend Ebony Horse Club on a weekly basis. In June, we visited Loughborough School to see first hand the impact of the Ebony work we are supporting. We accompanied some of the enthusiastic young riders from year 5 to the yard to watch their lesson. The Headteacher selects eight children each term to attend the hour long lesson and described the powerful impact she feels the experience has had on her students – building confidence, supporting emotional regulation and improving concentration. We met with a varied group of children who had riding lessons at Ebony and the articulate way they expressed the difference the sessions had made to each of them was very moving. Building on this success we are now also sponsoring Ebony’s engagement with City Heights Academy which is very exciting.

Our two Allegra’s Ambition breaks run by CHICKS – Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (http://chicks.org.uk) took place in Cornwall this summer. This year we had a fantastic team of eight Allegra’s Ambition volunteers who attended the breaks. Everyone who volunteered reported that it was a rewarding experience as well as being great fun. Please do get in touch if you are interested in volunteering at Chicks next year.

Again, for many of the young people attending the breaks this was their first time seeing the countryside. The care and support they receive from the youth workers and the volunteers and the opportunities to surf, ride and play outside are transformative and reflect the spirit of Allegra’s Ambition giving everyone the chance to challenge themselves.

Our sponsorship of the bushcraft equipment and training for 3 youth workers at Youth Options (http://www.youthoptions.co.uk) has had a very positive impact. Building on our investment the charity has developed the programme and most recently delivered a project in conjunction with CAMHS (Child and Adolsecent Mental Health Services) in Southampton. They worked with 160 Year 5 and 6 pupils across primary schools to build confidence and self-esteem through attending bushcraft workshops. The evaluation has been very encouraging in terms of outcomes and they hope to continue this next year. Youth Options are also piloting a parent and child bushcraft group to support positive parenting. None of this would have been possible without Allegra’s Ambition’s support.

For Allegra

So many of you have taken on fantastic fundraising challenges in the last six months and as always we cannot say enough about how grateful we are. Every penny you raise makes a difference so please keep on challenging yourselves. #challengeyourself

We are very honoured to be one of the two chosen charities of Mary Howard Christmas Fairs which takes place on 13th -16 th November this year (https://www.maryhowardfairs.com). We owe a huge thank you to the great team of volunteers who are supporting us at the fair this year selling our new, carefully curated, Allegra’s Ambition merchandise – all of which will make great Christmas presents! We will also be selling at other Christmas fairs and you will hopefully be able to order soon through our website. Please take a look and encourage your friends as well.

We are very grateful to the Tice family who have contributed so much to Allegra’s Ambition this year. In May, Sarah organised a baking demonstration, sharing some of her effortless baking tips, with all proceeds going to aid Allegra’s Ambition – it was a fun & creative way to raise money. Then in June, Louisa and Hannah along with their friend Ellie, took on the incredible challenge of cycling the 935 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groat’s (without any training or much planning!). Against all the odds, they completed the ride in a phenomenal 14 days including 4 punctures, 7 bikeshops visits, 1 spontaneous bungee jump, 168 chocolate bars, 52 donors and all for 1 cause for which they raised an unbelievable £14,000. Thank you to all of you who supported them. It was a fantastic achievement and truly reflects the spirit and values of Allegra’s Ambition.

In July Perdi organised a 5km pink fun run at St Swithun’s School. We were so touched by the number of people who contributed running, sponsoring and baking and generally embracing the pinkness. Thank you so much. We are also delighted to hear that St Swithun’s has selected Allegra’s Ambition as their charity for 2018/19.

In September Mia ran a 10K at the New Forest Marathon. She wrote a very moving post on her fundraising page about her reasons for running and how she has worked on challenging herself physically and emotionally. Her honesty and bravery sum up everything Allegra’s Ambition is about. Thank you Mia for all your amazing effort and support. We are so proud and touched.

In September, Sarah and her brother Sean set off to walk along Hadrian’s Wall to raise money for Allegra’s Ambition. It took them 37.5 hours to go from coast to coast and they walked on average just under 8 hours a day to complete the 84 miles. They walked through rain & sunshine and some spectacular countryside and, despite the lack of coffee shops along the way, were still smiling at the end. Thank you so much for challenging yourselves and for your generous support.

We owe a huge debt of thanks to the fantastic students at Tudor Hall who made us their school charity last year. They undertook so many creative and fun challenges and raised a wonderful amount of money. Thank you to every single one of you. The lovely Ruth raised money for us for the third year in a row doing the Kiltwalk in Glasgow. Ruth looked after Allegra when she was young and her support and kindness means so much to us. Thank you Ruth for challenging yourself. For a second year Catherine and Georgina organised a charity tennis tournament at Sherborne Tennis Club – thank you to everyone who participated.


Allegra’s stuffed dog Philomen now has his own Instagram (philomensadventures) as he is accompanying so many people on their challenging adventures. This year he has cycled to John O’Groats, travelled to India and is currently in Australia with Josie. Do get in touch if you would like to take him with you – he’s very easy-going and travels light.

Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all our activities and keep challenging yourselves. Every penny you raise goes directly to making a difference.

Newsletter No. 6 – May 2018

Allegra’s Ambition continues to go from strength to strength. Our relationships with our partner charities are moving forward and we are beginning to see the impact Allegra’s Ambition is making to a number of disadvantaged young people’s lives through the projects we support.

In February, we were honoured to be invited to a Reception at 10 Downing Street with the Culture Minister, Matt Hancock, and were able to invite representatives from our partner charities. It was a wonderful occasion and gave us the opportunity not only to highlight what we do but to celebrate the work of the amazing charities we support.

From Allegra

In 2018 we began working with Street Reach https://www.winchesterstreetreach.org/. Established in 1983 the charity works with young people in and around Winchester, in Hampshire, with an emphasis on targeting the disadvantaged through outreach youth work. We are now sponsoring their Friday night football – a weekly drop in session – attended by around 30 young people which runs for 50 weeks of the year. Staffed by experienced youth workers it provides a space where young people can come for a kick about, hang out with their friends and receive support and advice. More recently, we are excited to have helped them acquire a much needed minibus. It will soon be out and about liveried with Street Reach and Allegra’s Ambition logos. If you spot it, do let us know & send us a photo.

Our partnership with Ebony (http://www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk) continues to develop. In February, members of the Hampshire Hunt Pony Club, who help us host our annual Ebony Day in July, were invited for a reciprocal visit to Ebony’s Brixton riding centre. It was lovely to see friendships renewed and HH members really enjoyed getting to meet the Ebony ponies and see the immaculate Ebony yard.

Ebony works with local primary schools enabling 160 children a week to benefit from the powerful, life changing influence that contact with horses can bring. This year we are sponsoring one of their partner schools, Loughborough Primary School. Here is what two students think of their experience so far:

“Our experience of horse riding was very exciting! We got to groom the horses and plait their manes. We also played games whilst we rode them. We learned new things such as horses can cough and use asthma pumps and that they love to roll around in mud. The first week we were a bit shaky but as we got to learn about the horses we got more confident.’ C and A , Year 4 and 5.

Our next “Ebony Day”. when a group of 30 Ebony children will come to Hampshire for the day and ride on ponies volunteered by the HH Pony Club is Monday July 23rd 11-4pm. We really hope you will lend us your ponies again. We cannot run this amazing day without you or them.

Building on the success of last year, we are funding two Allegra’s Ambition breaks run by CHICKS – Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (http://chicks.org.uk) this summer. We have a great team of eight Allegra’s Ambition volunteers lined up to join sixteen disadvantaged young people on residential breaks on the Cornish coast in July and August 2018.

We are sponsoring a number of Bushcraft days for Youth Options (http://www.youthoptions.co.uk) a Hampshire based charity that run a number of projects that support Hampshire’s most vulnerable young people. We provided Bushcraft equipment and training last year and the feedback was fantastic so we are delighted to be able to help them to reach out to more young people.

We have another new partner Tower House Horses (http://www.towerhousehorses.co.uk/), a small charity that supports vulnerable young people through building therapeutic relationships with horses. We are sponsoring the upkeep of one of their horses this year.

For Allegra

As we say every time, none of this would be possible without your incredible support. So many people have helped by volunteering, fundraising, cheering others on and we continue to be very grateful. Every one of our fundraisers has gone above and beyond.

We were very grateful to be one of the chosen charities of Mary Howard Christmas Fairs which takes place each November in Cirencester (https://www.maryhowardfairs.com). A big thank you to everyone who attended and donated. Excitingly we are one of their main charities this year. We will also be selling some wonderful Allegra’s Ambition merchandise so please book your tickets and come along and support us 13th -16th November 2018.

In November, Naomi and an intrepid all girl team set off on a 2,700 mile race across the Atlantic in a 40 foot yacht #Girls4Sail. They took 24 days to sail from Gran Canaria to St Lucia – an incredible achievement by Naomi who is a fantastic supporter of Allegra’s Ambition.

Four of Allegra’s friends took part in Edinburgh rag week hitchhike to Paris. Emma and Connie, Sophie and Clemmie in separate 2-(wo)man teams all managed to make it to Paris safely, had loads of adventures and raised lots of money. Thank you all so much.

Lucy, Ellie and Olivia, who all played lacrosse with Allegra at school, nominated Allegra’s Ambition as the chosen charity for Exeter University Lacrosse. The entire Lacrosse club have thought up original and unusual ways to fundraise including being handcuffed to each other, carrying their teddy bear around with them, dyeing their hair & hitch-hiking to London. We are so grateful to them and really touched by all the donations.

In April, Allegra’s cousin, Maddie, ran her first Marathon in Brighton. Maddie was inspired to take up running by Allegra and is running further and faster in each race. She and her family have been brilliant fundraisers for us and truly embody our motto #challengeyourself.

In January we learned that Tudor Hall School had chosen Allegra’s Ambition as their charity for the year. This was down to an amazing presentation by Lara, Alejandra and Annabel and a great short film put together by Matilda which tells our story so far. Tudor Hall are undertaking a number of fundraising plans through the year, including a mud run last month which looked great fun. Thank you so much Tudor Hall.

In April Luke and Evie hosted a fundraising ball for Allegra’s Ambition. Fifty people attended a pink themed party. It was a great evening and raised £1,000.

Please Keep Challenging Yourselves

Every penny you raise goes directly to the charity as all administrative costs are carried by Allegra’s family. We could not do this without your incredible generosity. Thank you for helping us to keep Allegra’s light shining.

As you may have heard, the rules as to how we manage data are changing in May. We plan to continue to email you with a twice annual newsletter about our activities. We believe that as a friend, family or active supporter who has signed up via our website that you wish to continue to receive our news. If at any time you no longer wish to receive emails from us you can unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of each email.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. We have two more exciting projects in the pipeline so follow us on Instagram and Facebook and please share this newsletter with anyone who might be interested. If they would like to receive a copy, please ask them to fill in the STAY INFORMED box on our website here: https://www.allegrasambition.org.uk/contact/.

You can also send us a message using the contact form if you have any questions or want any help with your fundraising/challenge plans.

Allegra’s Ambition Charity No 1161667


Newsletter No. 5 – November 2017

We have made huge progress in the last six months. We launched our new logo and #challengeyourself strapline in October. We have also continued to build relationships with our partner charities and are supporting a number of fantastic projects which fit with our ambition to “change young people’s lives through engagement with sport and outdoor activities”. This has only been made possible because of your incredible support and interest. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far.

From Allegra:

This summer we funded our first Allegra’s Ambition week in partnership with Country Holidays for City Kids (http://chicks.org.uk). CHICKS offer residential breaks for vulnerable children and young people aged 8-15 at their three rural centres in Devon, Cornwall and Derbyshire. Three of Allegra’s friends. Lucy Harley, Suzannah Eggleston and Alicia Dent volunteered on the break and the feedback from CHICKS and the girls was very positive.


We have just been on the first CHICKS Allegra break and I think we definitely all agree it was a very successful, fun week that Allegra would have loved as much as we did.

Fifteen children attended, all from Hampshire and all young carers, so the week provided a holiday and a break that many of them don’t often get. We were at a coastal retreat in Cornwall, the perfect place for a countryside holiday being only a few minutes from the sea and a nice sandy beach. There was also a large field at the retreat, great for playing football and any other games, a play area inside a large barn with a couple of trampolines, two football goals and a basketball hoop, an arts and crafts area (perfect for rainy days) and a games room (equipped with pool tables, air hockey table, ping pong table and even a DJ deck).

It became clear that the children were having one of the best weeks of their lives. We did so many activities and were kept really busy that by the end of the week there were 15 very happy, but pretty exhausted children who all made some unforgettable memories. Possibly the most rewarding experiences of the week happened when the children did an activity they had never done before. Horse riding was one of those and it was wonderful to see their faces when they got on for the first time and trotted round for the first time.

At the end of the week it was very hard to say goodbye to all the children as they were all such characters and we became very fond of them very quickly. We have already started planning when we can do another CHICKs week and would definitely encourage anyone thinking of volunteering to ‘go for it’! It is really rewarding and so much fun.”

There is a full report from CHICKs on our website via this link: https://www.allegrasambition.org.uk/from-allegra/chicks/

We are sponsoring another week at CHICKs in 2018 & would encourage anyone interested in volunteering to get in touch as soon as possible. The only requirement is that you are 18 or over and it does qualify for Gold DofE. We have also committed to fund a pilot project for 16-18 year olds. It will enable a group of young people, who have been to CHICKs previously, to benefit from a week of adventurous activities, dedicated care and skills based experiences. CHICKs’ aim would be for these 16-18 year olds to gain transferable life skills, improve their employability and continue to benefit from the unique support offered by CHICKs. During the break, the Respite Break Leaders will work with the young people to create a draft ‘Personal Development Plan’, which they will continue to develop and provide them with the support they need to make progress; this may include help with CV writing, signposting to other services, or simply moral support and a sympathetic ear.

Youth Options (www.youthoptions.co.uk) is a Hampshire based charity that believes every child and young person should have the opportunity to realise their potential whatever their life circumstances. We supported them to train four youth workers and provided the equipment for them to deliver a creative Bushcraft skills programme for young people at their new Riverside project in Eastleigh, Hampshire. They ran a series of Bushcraft residentials over the summer for identified groups of disadvantaged young people who had the opportunity to build shelters, make fires and catch prepare and cook food. The young people’s feedback identified their highlight which included learning how to “cut up pigeons” “work in teams” “have more confidence in myself”. We have agreed to funding five more Bushcraft days in 2018.

Our partnership with Ebony Horse Club (www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk), continues to grow. We hosted our second Allegra’s Ambition day at Herriard Park with the brilliant support of the Hampshire Hunt and a host of amazing volunteers who did everything from loaning ponies, instructing and helping with the barbecue. It was very special to watch the friendships developing between all the young people who attended and the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved. Thank you so much. The date for this event in 2018 is Tuesday 24 July.

The Allegra’s Ambition Athletics Day will also run again on Saturday March 24th, 2018. This is located in Bournemouth and is targeted at pupils from local schools in Years 7 and 8 to give them a taste of athletics.

For Allegra

We could not be building this charity without everyone’s incredible support. We have been AMAZED at the many challenges people of all ages have taken on to raise money for us. A huge THANK YOU from us. Every single penny raised makes such a difference as every penny is directly invested to help young people. We carry no costs at all.

Allegra would have left St Swithun’s in June and the school decided to honour her memory with a #livelikeleggs week. Girls and parents were all asked to undertake something that was out of their comfort zone to “challenge yourself”. It culminated in a staff v students rounders match.

16 year old Rupert Curtis, with the support of his Dad, Charlie, trained to ride his bike 420km to Paris. He made it there in excellent time., raising an amazing £3,525. Two boys in Year 8 from Pilgrim’s, Toby and Chandos, also took on the challenge of a bike ride to Paris & raised over £800. Thank you to you all.

A schoolfriend of Allegra’s, Nathalie Hyman, organised a summer show jumping event at her yard Bramble Equine. She drummed up some great prizes and it was really well attended. She raised a brilliant £1,000, Thank you Nathalie.

Toby & Chandos


Following in Allegra’s footsteps a number of girls bravely and unselfishly cut off their long hair to donate to the Little Princess charity (which makes free wigs for children with cancer) and at the same time raised money for Allegra’s Ambition. We know how hard it is to do this as Allegra’s sister Honor was one of the girls – it’s a huge sacrifice. Well done Honor, Maddie & Olivia O’Carroll & Olivia Rainbow. You also raised a fantastic amount of money.

Anna & Sammy


Anna and Sammy Glasswell, Allegra’s cousins, trained for six months for an Ironman race in Zurich. This is an incredibly gruelling challenge which includes cycling 112 miles, swimming 2.4 miles and running 26.2 miles. They both completed the course successfully and raised over £10,000. If anyone is interested in what it is like to take part in an Ironman, do read Anna’s description of the day on the website: 


Katie Butler, a friend of Allegra’s from Wadac, took part in her first Tough Mudder which had always been one of Allegra’s dreams. It was lovely of Katie to remember Allegra on her route round the course as well as raise money for Allegras Ambition. Thank you.

Catherine Ewart kindly ran a tennis morning in Sherborne raising £250 which is a terrific amount of money to raise from this type of event.

Lucy Mould led a cohort of young people who completed their NCS (National Citizen Service) a voluntary personal & social development programme for 15-17 year olds this summer. They chose to support Allegras Ambition for their social action project. They fundraised & campaigned through a raffle, a sponsored bike ride & sponsored stunts: some of the group dyed their hair pink & they raised almost £800 Thank you so much Lucy, Chloe, Sophie, Abi, Reece, Kat, Dan, Jack & Rachel.

Lucy Mould & Team


Christina Kane ran the Royal Parks HALF Marathon last month. Christina, a childhood friend of Allegra’s had never done any running before and so impressed were her sponsors that she has raised almost £10,000. She hit an extraordinary time of 2 hours 10minutes – really impressive.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all your incredible fundraising & sponsoring. We are happy to support you in any way we can. Please do keep it going and help us to change people’s lives.



Newsletter No. 4 – May 2017

It has been a busy six months for Allegra’s Ambition and we are very grateful to all of you for your continued interest and amazing support.

From Allegra

We are delighted that we have identified a number of projects that fit with our aims and criteria that will be delivered by our partner charities.  All the initiatives we are supporting benefit the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our communities and they all have a focus on engagement with sport and/or nature as part of the remit.

We are continuing to work with Ebony (http://www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk) – a riding centre in Brixton.

In February, we were invited there to meet HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, Ebony’s President, who was visiting the Club and of course Allegra’s Paddock.  It was a very special day.

Building on the success of last year’s event, we are repeating our Ebony Day on Monday July 24 at Herriard Park. We couldn’t host it without the support of Hampshire Hunt Pony Club and so many of you who donate your time, energy & ponies.


Allegra’s Ambition Athletics Day – In April, we sponsored an athletics taster day at the King’s Park Stadium in Bournemouth. Initiated by Ian Kennedy of Wimborne Athletics & organised by Allegra’s aunt, Georgina – children from secondary schools in the local area attended to find out more about athletics and try out different disciplines. We were incredibly lucky to have Rachel Morris, a double gold medal winning Paralympic athlete (in 2 different disciplines) join us for the day. She brought her medals for everyone to feel & admire & gave an inspiring talk to us. Thanks to everyone who helped especially Hayley Gaj – who taught Allegra at St Swithun’s – and Allegra’s fabulous friends who joined us bringing their energy and enthusiasm as well as all the athletics coaches & sports students from Bournemouth University.

CHICKS – Country Holidays for Inner City Kids (http://chicks.org.uk).  We are very excited to be funding an Allegra’s Ambition week in July at CHICKS providing a holiday for sixteen Hampshire children at one of their amazing centres.  The holidays are run by a team of experienced youth workers with additional support from a number of volunteers.  We are thrilled, in addition, that some of Allegra’s friends have volunteered for Allegra’s week and look forward to hearing all about it.

Volunteering at CHICKS is open to everyone over the age of 18 – a week’s volunteering is 5 days & 4 nights & qualifies for DofE – no skill or training is required. 

Youth Options (http://www.youthoptions.co.uk) is a Hampshire based charity that run a number of projects that support Hampshire’s most vulnerable young people.

We have sponsored the training of four youth workers and provided the equipment to enable them to deliver a creative Bushcraft skills programme for young people at their new Riverside project.  Allegra would have loved it.

Carneys (http://carneyscommunity.org) – The recent success of Anthony Joshua is a reminder of the transformative power of sport, in his case boxing.

We have partnered with the inspirational boxing charity Carneys, who work with at risk and vulnerable young people in South London, to enable them to promote their club at a number of outreach community events to raise their profile and encourage as many young people to come along and participate as possible.  Maybe there will be a future Olympian among them.

These partnerships are just a beginning and made possible by your generosity.

For Allegra

Huge thanks to everyone who has been involved with any aspect of Allegra’s Ambition over the last few months.

Your support means so much to us and to our family.  As always many have gone above and beyond and we value every contribution big or small – volunteering, participating, coming up with ideas, fundraising etc.

We are so proud and grateful to:

  • Vere Whittome, Ali Revell and Kit Robathan for running the Blackpool Marathon and to Georgie Revell who ran the London Marathon on the same day.  Georgie reported that she thought of Allegra every step of the way and that it kept her going.  It was an incredible feat by you all…..bet you can’t wait to do it again next year!
  • Max and Grace Joliffe – Allegra’s young cousins who ran their first 5k & 10k respectively & were supported & sponsored by family & friends.
  • Ruth Warwick, who looked after Allegra when she was young, and has so generously embraced Allegra’s Ambition, fundraising for the second year, this time taking part in Glasgow’s KiltWalk in a fetching pink kilt.
  • Jack Polhill, Madeline Goodlad, Dan Makharinksy and their friends who raised £1,600 at Edinburgh rag week hitchhiking to Paris.
  • Lucy Schryver, a friend from the HH Pony Club, cut off 14 inches of her hair for the Little Princess Trust & raised an incredible £561 in sponsorship.
  • Honor who raised £13.50 selling Allegra’s Ambition wristbands – if anyone would like wristbands please get in touch.
  • Honor’s friends Anna and Holly who so thoughtfully and generously donated their pocket money.
  • Julie Montagu – organic food writer and yoga teacher extraordinaire – who organised a fantastic Pink Ladies Grease yoga night at Triyoga.
  • Hattie Lees at Sherborne School for Girls raised £130 from selling house trackie bums in Reader Harris. • Winchester College has raised almost £1,500 for Allegra’s Ambition during this year.
  • The Marmalade Nursery Schools in London has adopted Allegra’s Ambition as their charity for this year & we have been stunned by the generosity of this parent community.    

    About Allegra

Allegra would be leaving St Swithun’s this June. Her optimism, energy and enthusiasm meant Allegra never turned down the chance to try a new experience or challenge. To honour her memory this month St Swithun’s have asked girls and their parents to challenge themselves, to do something different, something new, something difficult to #livelikeleggs.  We would love it if as many of you as possible try this yourselves and let us know how you get on. There is a new bench to remember Allegra in the Cathedral Close in Winchester.  It is in a quiet, sheltered spot against the Cathedral wall, just after you come through the Inner Close from the West door.

Thank you to Winchester Cathedral for enabling this to happen.

Please do go and spend some time remembering her there if you are in Winchester.

If any of you are thinking about fundraising for Allegra’s Ambition please do get in touch either via email info@allegrasambition.org.uk or on Facebook.  We are always excited to hear about what you are all doing and happy to support in any way we can.



Newsletter No. 3 – November 2016

a1It is 656 days since we lost Allegra and just over a year since Allegra’s Ambition’s inception. Allegra’s Ambition is a way for us all to celebrate and honour Allegra and we are grateful and proud that so many of you have taken up the challenge & come up with such innovative & interesting initiatives to fundraise or raise awareness.  It really makes a difference and means so much to us. Our goal is for Allegra’s Ambition to improve as many children’s lives as possible – to have their lives lifted by Allegra’s values. We are making significant progress in moving Allegra’s Ambition forward.  Here is an update on the last six months:

  • For Allegra: There have been a fantastic range of fundraising activities over the last 6 months: – so many people have pushed themselves with extraordinary challenges.
  • From Allegra: There have also been an exciting range of projects to improve the lives of young people who need help – and more are planned!

For Allegra

#RideForAllegra fulfilled one of Allegra’s dreams. Allegra and her friend Lucy Harley had planned for many years to ride their ponies on the beach together & both have spent their childhood summers holidaying on the Camel Estuary in Cornwall.  This summer, with her mother Katy as fantastic back up, Lucy determined to ride her pony Wella from Princes Mead School in Hampshire to Daymer Bay, Cornwall to fulfil that childhood ambition.


Many of you will have followed her epic journey on Instagram and Facebook.  So many people gave advice, time, beds, fields, and joined Lucy along the way.  They had some extraordinary adventures – including being shown round William Fox-Pitt’s yard and welcomed into castles & beautiful estates – as they travelled 240 miles at 3mph for 28 days (that’s more than 9 marathons!). The photos were stunning & it hardly seemed to rain all summer. There was a lot of local press coverage as well as articles in Country Life & Horse and Hound. Lucy also featured on Radio Solent as one of ‘Julian’s People’. Ride for Allegra raised a staggering £9,000 – many donations came from people who she met along the way or who just heard about her ride through social media. A welcoming party met them on Daymer Bay to watch Wella canter along the beach at low tide – Allegra would have loved it.  Thank you, Lucy, for taking Allegra with you all the way.

9Caledonian Challenge: Amanda Howard, Allegra’s godmother with a team of six, took part in the Caledonian Challenge, a 24-mile hike along the West Highland Highway from Glen Nevis to Glencoe including a vertical climb of over 1,500 feet and the ominously named ‘Devil’s Staircase’. None of them had done any endurance events before but they did it in a very respectable time & raised an amazing sum – over £13,000.

7Kilimanjaro: Emilie Janssen spent her Summer holidays from Uni training for and climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro.  She took Allegra’s much loved stuffed dog Philomen along for the trip and raised £770. Philomen has acquired a taste for mountain climbing, having already been to Everest with Hayley Gaj in January, to Mount Snowden with Ashley & Giles and on the Caledonian Challenge with Amanda.  Philomen is currently snoozing on Allegra’s bed but is always up for a challenge so do get in touch if you have any ideas for a new adventure for him!  Thank you to Emilie and the all the other climbers.  We are so grateful for your donations, time, energy and commitment.

St Swithun’s School chose Allegra’s Ambition as one of their charities for this year.  Through cake sales, rock concerts & sporting events the school has raised over £2,300. In addition, Freya Brannigan & Molly Pickance organised a play & raised over £350. Their engagement and creative approach to fundraising is what Allegra’s Ambition is all about. The school year culminated in the Red Carpet Ball which alone raised £4,900 – we are so very grateful to the whole school community: pupils, teachers & parents who have all given so generously.

2#AHintofTartan: Eleanor Nicholson, a good friend of Allegra’s from day 1 at St Swithuns, along with her family, hosted a wonderful evening of Scottish reeling. It was a special event attended by lots of Allegra’s friends. Eleanor gave a great speech & Allegra would have been very proud of her. Thank you Eleanor & everyone who came & donated. The evening raised £2,200.

This year the Hampshire Hunt Pony Club, where Allegra spent so many happy summers, made Allegra’s Ambition their charity and fundraised at their ball. In addition, through the summer, individual children supported us selling cakes, wristbands or sweets at various events.  Thank you all of you for keeping Allegra in your thoughts and making such a contribution to Allegra’s Ambition not only through fundraising but also practically (but more of that later).

Sasha Good, a good friend of Allegra’s from Pony Club, followed in Allegra’s and Maddie Sturgess & Apple Mallory & Alex and Lucy Kellock footsteps and cut her hair to donate to the Little Princess’s charity which provides wigs for children with cancer.  She also raised £600 for Allegra’s Ambition. Thank you, Sasha.

y8-sherborne-prepThere was also an impressive amount of fundraising by Year 8s. Allegra’s cousin, Eddie, and his class mates in Year 8 at Sherborne Prep, used their end of year business project to fundraise for Allegra’s Ambition. In total they raised £500, which along with the sponsored bike ride he did with his class mates in 2015, will be used to run an Athletics event in April 2017 (see below).


Maddie Boissier and Aggie Roberts-Wests, also in Year 8, organised a fantastic PINK disco #danceforleggy.  The tickets sold out in record time, they raised an extraordinary £2,000 and it was a lovely very PINK evening.  There was so much thought in all the detail including pink drinks and #danceforleggy wristbands.  Thank you to everyone especially Maddy and Aggie & their families for all their hard work & the Bentleys for kindly lending their beautiful barn for the venue.

img_4266Also in June, Alex Bradshaw, Sebastian Ellis, Jamie Beardmore-Grey & Joe Bentley from Year 8 at Pilgrim’s (where Allegra’s brothers went to prep school) decided to do the Three Peak’s Challenge with their Dads.  Within 24 hours they successfully whipped up Snowden, Ben Nevis & Scafell Pike & raised a staggering £4,540. An amazing physical & fund raising challenge.

e5In September, Georgia Sugden, who knew Allegra at St Swithun’s, with a group of friends from Edinburgh university, took part in a Tough Mudder. Vere joined them with Harry Winterbottom & Georgie Revell. Georgia’s team raised £1,270!

Fitique, an independent fitness boutique in Alresford has been very supportive of Allegra’s Ambition. In May, they held an evening where the Performance Chef spoke to an audience on nutrition & the shop raised £240. The Hubble family donated 2 tickets to Wimbledon which were sold in aid of Allegra’s Ambition & another family generously bid for them. Ruth Warwick who looked after Allegra many years ago did a second fundraising event & their family cycle raised £230. Evie Blaxland spent the summer making and selling gorgeous bracelets pink for Allegra raising £60 – thank you so much. 

We offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to Allegra’s Ambition.  Every contribution big or small is so valued.  

From Allegra

Since our last newsletter Allegra’s Ambition has been involved in a number of projects:

We have been developing links with Ebony Riding Club throughout 2016. EHC is a riding centre based in the centre of residential estates in Brixton which teaches inner city children, including some very vulnerable young people, to ride and offers respite in their lives.  

On 22 July, 25 young people from Ebony arrived at Herriard Park for a day organised by Allegra’s Ambition with the incredible support of Hampshire Hunt Pony Club. HH members donated their time & ponies for Ebony children to spend the whole day with – it was an extraordinary effort – to see so many HH children, happy to lend their ponies, helping and encouraging the Ebony children along with their parents and coaches – we were very proud of them.  Ebony members enjoyed rides in the huge paddocks set up for the day, a barbecue generously donated by Newlyns as well as games of rounders & football at lunchtime. It was a fantastic day true to the spirit of Allegra’s Ambition.  The feedback from Ebony was very positive, and we hope will be this day will be the first of many. We have already set a date for the day for next year of Monday 24 July 2017 – please put it in your diaries.

In October, a group of Allegra’s friends and family, including many HH members, visited Ebony for the opening of Allegra’s Paddock, a much needed piece of grazing created at Ebony, an extension of their existing facility in Brixton, with land lent by Lambeth Council and fenced by Allegra’s Ambition.  There was a tour of the riding centre, riding demonstrations and the chance to meet and talk to many of the young people who ride at Ebony before the official opening.  Everyone who attended was truly inspired by the fantastic work of the charity and by the enthusiasm of all the members we met.   There is a beautiful plaque commemorating the paddock named after Allegra for all to see. We are continuing to look at ways we can develop our partnership with Ebony.  If you want to find out more, please go to visit the Ebony website. www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk.

On 1 April 2017 Allegra’s aunt, Georgina, is organising an event with Wimborne Athletics & Dorset Sport Schools at Kings Park Stadium, Bournemouth to encourage more young people to engage in athletics. There will be taster sessions in 6 events & they are targeting all local schools. Please contact info@allegrasambition.org.uk for further details. They are looking for a local Dorset or Hampshire Olympian who might be willing to come & chat to the children for 30 minutes at lunch if anyone has any suggestions…

In Hong Kong, Charlotte, another of Allegra’s aunts, following the success of last year, is planning another Fun Run on Lamma Island in HongKong. With funds raised from the HK community she plans to partner with a local charity The HubHK (http://www.thehubhk.org). They work with children who are below the poverty line, provide for them pastoral care, schooling assistance, music, dance, yoga, excursions and so much more. There is a huge community of children in HK who live in housing no bigger than a box, they do not get the chance to get into nature and many will not know what it feels like to walk on grass. The link up between Allegra’s Ambition and The Hub HK will hopefully provide a day of nature to as many of these children as possible.
We have spent lots of time thinking how best to take Allegra’s Ambition forward.  Each charity we partner with must pass the Allegra test.  We have several potential projects in the pipeline and are meeting with a number of possible partners before Christmas.  We will be sending out more information in our next newsletter.  

Allegra’s 18th birthday is in January. If anyone would like to commemorate the day, a contribution to Allegra’s Ambition would be a special way to support everything the charity is trying to achieve #forAllegra who is so desperately missed by so many of us every minute of every day.

Please follow us on Instagram & Facebook where we post regular news & updates. You can also view these posts on the website www.allegrasambition.co.uk if you don’t have a social media account. We are not as good at keeping the website as current, although we try our best!

Newsletter No. 1 – May 2016

Since last year a lot has been going on with Allegra’s Ambition & we thought we should summarise it all together in a “newsletter”. We have sent it to as many people we could think of who have supported us this last year, but are bound to have made some omissions – so please feel free to forward it on to anyone who is interested. We do have a website www.allegrasambition.org.uk which we keep reasonably up to date – we also post much more regularly on Facebook & Instagram. If you are not on social media you can view these posts via the Allegra’s Ambition website (on the pages behind the Home screen e.g. if you go into the ‘CONTACT’ tab.)

Since the New Forest Marathon & the many other walks & runs that happened on the 13 September 2015, so many people have taken on incredible challenges & raised money, as well as love, for Allegra’s Ambition. Allegra would love them all & they are a very touching way of expressing the gap her loss has left in our lives – we cannot ever thank everyone enough but


The one thing we have learnt is that it is not true that there is nothing anyone can do – everything, however small really makes such a difference. Many people, as you can see below, have made big efforts and made a big difference – in the example they have set and the funds they have raised. They have been amazing – we are deeply moved and grateful.

We are sending you this “newsletter” to let you know:

  • For Allegra: What people have done/plan to do soon
  • From Allegra: What gifts have been made to date.

For Allegra: What people have done/plan to do soon

Soon after the New Forest Marathon last year several families took part in The Gower Triathlon in Wales. This is an Olympic distance event set in the stunning location of Port Eynon. The main event involves a 1,500m Swim, a 37k Bike course and a 10k Run. There is also a sprint event. The team wore bright pink t-shirts raising awareness for Allegra’s Ambition & Josie Smailes raised £1,358 and James Turner raised £1,205.

 1  2

In January, Hayley Gaj, who was a housemistress & PE teacher at St Swithun’s School set herself the challenge of climbing to the Base Camp of Everest unaided. She took with her some Pink Prayer flags that had been signed by many of Allegra’s friends & family. She posted some amazing photos of her journey on which she was accompanied by Philemon, one of Allegra’s favourite teddies – he had quite an adventure. Having reached Base Camp, Hayley went on to summit Kala Pattar at 5,545m. Philemon tied a single pink shoelace to the prayer flags on the summit. En-route they stopped at the graves of Scott Fischer and other souls who have lost their lives on the mountain. Hayley’s climb was entirely self-funded and she raised £1,951 for Allegra’s Ambition. In addition, Hayley took with her some donations from girls at St Swithun’s & from Allegra’s Ambition of hats, gloves, blankets, sports equipment, water purifying tablets, candles & work gloves to distribute to some of the victims of the Nepal earthquake last year.

Also in January, Julie Montagu, a celebrated yoga teacher & cookery writer (but most importantly mother of one of Allegra’s best friends, Emma), led a Flow in the Dark Yoga evening in aid of Allegra’s Ambition. 80 yogis attended an evening organised by The Well Scene and, with the raffle and donations from tickets, Julie raised a total of £575. Julie has also dedicated her latest book Eat Real Food to Allegra.

In March, George Garnett, an old Pilgrim’s school friend of Vere’s ran the Liverpool Half Marathon raising £2,830. Suz Crichton-Stuart, who lays claim to the infamy of being the first person to canter with Allegra on Twinkles, was inspired to run her first (Surrey) Half Marathon raising £570. Just last w/e Allegra’s cousin Charlie Brooksbank did a 12 mile Tough Mudder dressed in a bright pink morph suit – we are looking forward to the photos…. He has raised £1,540. A schoolfriend of Honor’s, Clemmie Rydon, chose to ask for donations to Allegra’s Ambition in lieu of birthday presents to raising £330. And a young boy called Barnaby Grant, who is in Year 3 & never met Allegra, organised a cake sale for Allegra’s Ambition

 3  4

The boys of JDN, Vere & Luke’s house at school ran the Eton College steeplechase (between 3 & 7.5 miles) blazoned in pink T shirts, raising £3,175. Forty boys ran – practically the whole house excluding those who were injured or away. This is a great example of the resolute support that they have given to Vere and Luke since they lost their sister – the strong turnout of friends from JDN for the New Forest Marathon event is another.

In terms of sheer numbers, the greatest support for Allegra’s New Forest Run came from her school, St Swithun’s – the girls, the teachers, the parents – everyone. Since then, St Swithuns have continued to think of Allegra and support her charity. We were recently invited to speak to the whole school to update them on our progress and the school made Allegra’s Ambition one of their chosen charities for the year. So far they have raised £1,300 from a quiz night, advent service collection & cake sales. A number of her friends have also expressed interest in being further involved in the charity which we are very enthusiastic about.

Sport Hampshire generously selected Allegra’s Ambition as their nominated charity at their Annual Awards evening in March. Shoonagh & Dominic Hubble kindly agreed to speak on our behalf & raised £928.

In 2013, Allegra donated several inches of her hair to an incredible charity called www.littleprincesses.org.uk/ which makes real hair wigs for free for sick children. A number of Allegra’s friends have followed suite, including Lucy & Alex Kellock who also raised £863 sponsorship for Allegra’s Ambition.

Looking ahead the plans & ideas keep coming:

Amanda Howard, Allegra’s indomitable godmother, has managed to inspire a team of six to take part in the Caledonian Challenge in June, a 24 mile extreme trek across the Scottish Highlands http://www.caledonianchallenge.com/. You can support Amanda by clicking this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Amanda-Howard4.

Emilie Janssen plans to climb Mt Kilimanjaro this summer: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/emiliejanssen2

Georgia Sugden, who played lacrosse with Allegra at school, & is now at university is gathering a team to take part in a Tough Mudder in September https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/10friends

Aggie Roberts West & Maddie Boissier are organising a “Dance for Leggy” for Year 8s in June. Also on 25 May Fitique Alresford are holding an evening with The Performance Chef. All ticket sales proceeds will go to Allegra’s Ambition.

The HH Pony Club have kindly made Allegra’s Ambition their charity for the year & will be fundraising at their ball on Saturday 28 May. TO BUY TICKETS @ £65 per person contact catherinerussell25@yahoo.com or hhponyclub.dc@gmail.com

 5  6

From Allegra: What gifts have been made to date

Over the last few months, we have spent time meeting people who run other charities whose objectives have parallels with Allegra’s Ambition

We would really like you to be involved in the charity – who better understands what Allegra would think is right than people who loved her, her friends – or people who just believe in the way she lived her life.

So far we have done a few relatively small things. We have bought football shirts & goals for the slum in Haruma, Nairobi, Kenya where the charity EdClub (www.edclubmovement.org) operates. We also donated some items for Hayley Gaj, Allegra’s former teacher, for her trip to Nepal to give to victims of last year’s earthquake. In addition, we are forming a partnership with the Ebony Horse Club based in Brixton.

Although the donations are small in size, they have had a big impact. The children in Haruma come from very poor families – the football shirts and goals were the present these children most wanted for Christmas. When they received them, they were so happy and surprised that they called a meeting of the whole community (about 300 people came) where they had speeches, prayers and hymns of thanks to God. They then played 3 football matches, one after the other, to celebrate – where each of the two teams for each match, used the same shirts – one after another!

This gift passed the Allegra test – Allegra had been to Haruma and cared about the children. The gift made a difference and is part of a greater story of support started by Allegra’s godmother, Alice Macaire, when the community were about to be evicted from their homes and continuing with initiatives like the EdClub project founded by the Macaires. Allegra had given a presentation at St Swithuns about EdClub the week before she died and now 30+ girls at St Swithuns are involved in the charity. No money was wasted – no administration fees or marketing costs – every single pound went to buy goal posts and shirts. When you think about all this, suddenly it is not so small at all – not for these children.

7 8

More recently we have begun a partnership with the Ebony Horse Club (www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk). The Ebony riding school is in the middle of Brixton surrounded by some of the most deprived areas in South London. It works with the local schools and council to target the young people who most need help. It starts with riding lessons and caring for the horses but it offers much more than that. It aims to improve their lives – with remarkable results. Ebony is very keen to organise events outside London (for most of the children, they have no other opportunity to get out).

The idea of organising a local event for Ebony children was warmly and enthusiastically shared by the Hampshire Hunt Pony Club. As a result, funded by Allegra’s Ambition and relying on the kindhearted offers of the venue and pony loans by HH families, we plan to host a day on 22 July for up to 30 children to come for a country riding expedition to Herriard Park. It will be a day to celebrate & remember Allegra as well.

We have also agreed to fund the cost of creating a paddock from a small part of the park next to the riding school which has been offered by Lambeth Council. The purpose is for the horses to have somewhere to graze when they are not working. Ebony’s horses have NO other grazing – only a woodchip paddock. This will not only improve the horses’ quality of life but it will extend their useful working life and it will also allow people using the park to see horses in a more natural environment. It is to be called Allegra’s Paddock & we hope to invite HH Pony Club members & anyone else interested to come to its opening later in the summer so that they can also see the incredible work that Ebony does in the Brixton community.

Early days but a lot has gone on already as you can see – We are so grateful to you all for your support & love.